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182C9206-BAC1-4144-BC09-FE4E3E632557Five summers ago, I met a little boy on a West Oakland street corner who was afraid to try a cool, refreshing Green Smoothie because he had diabetes.

So did his mom.

So did most of his community.

When I blended one just for him and assured him that it was safe, he was so thrilled that he saved more than half for his mother.

He carried it home to her and she loved it!

That day we served hundreds and hundreds of Green Smoothies on that corner for him and his friends, family and the whole community.

It was on that day, at that health and wellness fair that I set out on a mission to expose as many folks as possible, in communities like his to the concept that one Green Smoothie a day could improve their health dramatically.

In the fifth year of this journey, I realize this is a message for ALL of America.

This summer, I am taking that message along with my book “Until The Streets of The Hood Flood With Green” to the streets of America.

We are calling this the “Ketchup is Not a Vegetable Tour” reminding every citizen of our natural, sacred, magical relationship to living, organic foods and the pure good that establishing and maintaining this sacred relationship has on our bodies, minds, souls…our World.

Together we will plant, harvest, blend cool refreshing drinks, enjoy plant medicine and meet healers who will remind us to let food be our medicine!

Please support this tour as we do what we know is necessary in contributing to a New Earth and healthy, inspired children and communities.

Here is how you can help:

1. Donate funds/Gas Cards We will be traveling on our retrofitted school bus, so we will be purchasing gas and need funds to support our educators and other traveling costs.

2. Donate Frequent Flyer Miles for healers and volunteers who will be joining the trip as we move along.

3. Gift Cards for supplies.

4. Contacts in areas that we will be visiting! Do you have any friends who would like to put us up for a night or two? Part of the reason we are doing most of our traveling on the bus is so we can make true, meaningful contact with communities and individuals who are open to building a new world, what better way to do this but by spending a few days together talking, sharing and educating one another?

5. Come onboard as a sponsor: we will proudly carry your family name/organization/ business name and logo on our banner, promote you with our products on social media and make sure everyone along the way knows that you support the spirit of this world shifting endeavor!

6. Buy our books! Proceeds from “Until The Streets of The Hood Flood With Green” and “Decolonial Daughter, Letters from a Black Woman to her European Son” go directly to support this project!

7. Help us build by promotimg the project on social media.

8. If you are or know any retired or elder citizens who can lend their time, energy support in helping us from where they are, please connect us!

Our elders have been a truly dynamic force in supporting this work so far!

9. Spread the word and send us your beautiful prayers ❤️


Go to the Donation Page of our fiscal sponsor and write into the comment section that the donation is for The Electric Smoothie Lab Apothecary.

If you have questions or thoughts feel free to reach out to me at